Review of Rich Reels Casino

Rich Reels is an old-school casino, with a style and features reminiscent of the early days of the internet. While its design is reminiscent of the early days of the web, Rich Reels is still a viable business with opportunities for profit and enjoyment.

If you can look beyond the archaic appearance, replete with flashing banners and disorienting colors, you’ll discover all the features and games found in more modern online casinos.

However, the site is not suitable for Mac users owing to the need to download proprietary PC software. It is also unsuitable for tablet or smartphone users. Nonetheless, if you have a dependable desktop PC, boot it up and go to Rich Reels. Your casino is waiting for you.

Rich Reels Casino is a member of the Interactive Play Council and abides by its code of conduct, which establishes standards for fair and honest gaming. The site employs 128-bit encryption and offers customer service 24 hours a day. Rich Reels is at least winning at customer assistance, with dedicated freephone lines for consumers in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Canada, and Germany, as well as a worldwide number. Additionally, customers may contact us by email or live chat.

Online Entertainment at its Finest

Rich Reels evokes a simpler period, when the internet was still known to as the World Wide Web and was surfed, not browsed. It was an era when the information superhighway was brimming with opportunities for profit and everyone used Internet Explorer.

Despite its antique aesthetics, Rich Reels operates as expected, offering a diverse selection of slots, roulette, video poker, blackjack, and other table games. Create an account (from your PC), then download the proprietary program (to your PC).


If you’re wanting to become wealthy – or at the very least to slightly boost your bank balance – Rich Reels offers an abundance of opportunities to exponentially increase your investment. The casino promises a plethora of benefits just for joining up, and is powered by’state-of-the-art’ casino software that ‘transforms all games into an experience of breathtaking visuals and outstanding music, transporting you directly from your house to the Las Vegas casino tables.’ Additionally, it boasts’more than 510 casino games.’ Choose a figure between 511 and 519 to determine the number of games available at Rich Reels.

Welkom in Bonusstad

As a tribute to Rich Reels’ youth, the website includes a pop-up announcing a $25,000 giveaway: ‘Fill out this form to be entered to win!’ You may desire to decline that generous offer, but there are likely to be others that are more enticing. The casino offers a sign-up bonus of up to $1,000 in the form of casino credits on your first five deposits.

Banners and Flashing Lights Too

Rich Reels is ready to earn your business. That is why their website is strewn with flashing advertising enticing you to register in order to ‘experience the convenience of playing at Rich Reels Casino from the comfort of your own home’. If that is you, here is your casino, your gateway to a world of flashing lights and other forms of entertainment.

Of course, before you can begin gaming aggressively, there is the little problem of making an account. However, before you can do so, you need ensure that your desktop computer is equipped with the newest technology, including Internet Explorer 6 or above and a Microsoft-compatible two-button mouse. Additionally, you’ll want a hard disk with at least 10GB of free space and 2GB of RAM. Have you gotten that? Okay, then, let us begin.

Join Now and Begin Spinning

After registering with Rich Reels, the following step is to download the casino’s software. This enables you to access the casino’s portfolio of games straight from your twenty-first-century PC. Naturally, before you can play them, you’ll need to fund your account, which you can do by visiting the banking area and depositing a minimum of $20.

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