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Getting everything rolling in taekwondo might appear to be overwhelming to the novice, especially in the event that you are a rookie to the universe of hand to hand fighting. Nonetheless, finding a taekwondo club and engaging in its anything but a troublesome undertaking.

Many individuals choose to bring a companion when they begin so they don’t feel too awkward at first, and this is an effective method for conquering any feelings of trepidation you have about engaging in taekwondo. Regardless of whether you go alone, however, you will rapidly be brought together with a fighting accomplice who will ordinarily be a decent assistance through the beginning phases and then some.

About taekwondo

The historical backdrop of taekwondo goes back north of 2,000 years, yet the game is in its early stages in Olympic terms, as it just made its full presentation at Sydney in 2000 (despite the fact that it was a showing sport in the 1988 and 1992 Olympics).

Taekwondo, which deciphers as ‘the methods of hands and feet’, comprises of various old combative techniques brought together into one game. It came to the front during the 1950s when Korean combative techniques pioneers concluded it ought to be advanced globally, albeit the primary big showdowns were not held until 1973. From that point forward, the prevalence of taekwondo has been on a fast increment and the game has been affirmed for the Olympic Games program to be held in London in 2012.

Wellness and different advantages of taekwondo

Taekwondo is a contentious physical game thus the contenders wear body, head and shin defenders, as well as mouth watchmen, gloves and a crotch monitor, to safeguard themselves from injury. However this doesn’t mean the game is a wayward crazy situation. The members should be profoundly focused and ready to foster both their bodies and their brains.

The game is for everybody and is an incredible method for acquiring self-assurance and strength. It can assist you with creating discipline and authority, work on your fearlessness and confidence, upgrade your adaptability, and foster speedy reflexes and dexterity.

Similarly as with every military craftsmanship, taekwondo likewise gives a brilliant exercise. Anybody participating will punch and kicking with the two arms and feet, also persistently bobbing on their toes during training. These exercises can prompt better muscle tone and appearance, and expanded strength and endurance. As well as the mental advantages, for example, weight reduction, further developed course and pulse, a longing for a solid and dynamic way of life, discipline and values – the two of which are pertinent to any everyday issue.

With its establishments in Korea, numerous albeit not the terms utilized in taekwondo are all Korean in beginning. Here is a fast manual for a portion of the key taekwondo terms you can hope to hear while beginning in the game.

Limit line

The negligible line around the beyond the challenge region. This characterizes the external edge of the taekwondo mat.

Chest defender

Safeguards the middle and stamps out the scoring regions on the body during taekwondo.


The taekwondo competitor donning blue.

Challenge region

A 10m (32 ft.) square in the focal point of the mat where a taekwondo challenge is directed.


A point in taekwondo.


The dress worn by a taekwondo expert.


The region where taekwondo is drilled.


A punishment that consequently costs a challenger a point in taekwondo.

Head monitor

Worn by a taekwondo contender to safeguard the head. These will be shaded either blue or red.

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